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Whether you are approaching Medicare eligibility or you are over 65-years-young, retiring, and in need of Medicare coverage, MyMedicarePro is here to simplify the retirement healthcare planning process and provide unbiased, custom-tailored advice to optimize your golden years.
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Operating as fiduciaries, and acting as a trusted partner to Financial Planning firms across the nation, MyMedicarePro provides comprehensive and customized Medicare planning and enrollment services for clientele nearing Medicare eligibility, or currently retired.
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Working in partnership with leading Healthcare organizations across America, we offer full-service, custom-tailored Medicare consultancy and enrollment services to clientele in, or approaching, retirement.
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  • I wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for my husband and I. Between retiring and moving and leaving my employer’s insurance coverage, you have been and continue to be a godsend. I seriously could not have done it without you!!!
    – Patti Graves
  • The team at My Medicare Pro was a great help in navigating us through a very complicated system. You made it simple and really helped us to understand Medicare in layman's terms.
    – Suzanne Cunningham, Small Business Owner
  • I was becoming very anxious about Medicare leading up to my 65th birthday. I was fortunate to connect with Colin at My Medicare Pro, and after the meeting I trashed at least 50 Medicare solicitations.
    – Susan O’Donnell
  • What we were so impressed with was that you did all the work enrolling us in Medicare, and did not charge us for your services.
    – Missy Merritt, Business Owner
  • After being covered by a company sponsored health care package for 45 years I was worried about making the right decisions for my Medicare coverage. I was fortunate to connect with MyMedicarePro who walked me through the process and supplied all relevant information that helped me make the right decisions.
    – James Thomas, Retired President ASTM International