About Us

We simplify the Medicare Enrollment process.

Independent, Personalized Planning.

As independent Medicare Advisors, we offer complimentary healthcare planning and enrollment services designed to support each client in navigating the complicated Medicare process, and selecting the right healthcare plan for their unique needs.

Our custom-tailored approach includes a complimentary consultation, a Personalized Coverage Proposal, step-by-step Enrollment Guidance, Annual Plan Reviews, and lifetime, full-service Medicare Concierge support.

Client Focused
Independent & Unbiased
100% Transparent

Prioritizing the health and best interests of our clients above all else.

Health is unquestionably the most important factor of life and we understand that selecting the right Medicare plan can be exceptionally stressful, which is why we take our role at MyMedicarePro to heart.

After spending years in the insurance and financial planning industries we were frustrated by the lack of customized, and unbiased, support with the Medicare enrollment process. As a result, many people settled for overpriced plans, or ended up with plans that were not appropriate for their needs, which can deeply impact financial futures. 

Realizing that a client-centric Medicare advisory service simply didn’t exist, we created MyMedicarePro, because we believe that offering sound Medicare advice is essential to the wellbeing of each individual we serve, and to our nation as a whole.

Custom-tailored Medicare support that accommodates each client’s unique needs.

Every client has specific healthcare needs, lifestyle preferences, and financial goals, which is why we don’t believe in presenting bulk healthcare plans and confusing online quotes upfront. 

Instead, we do things differently, taking the time necessary to first understand the precise needs of the individual, and then offer customized guidance based on each unique situation. 

Independent, unbiased guidance at zero cost to our clients.

We proudly offer Medicare advisory services that prioritize the personal needs of each client. 

Since we are not tied to any specific insurance provider and are not compensated to push any specific insurance plans, we operate as fiduciaries, taking a completely ethical approach that places the best interests of each client first. Moreover, we are able to present the full spectrum of Medicare options available. 

Our only mission is to support each client in determining the right Medicare and/or supplemental Medicare Insurance plan(s) to meet their needs, at the best value possible. And, as your partners in Medicare Planning, there is absolutely no cost for utilizing our services.

Transparent, long-term client relationships, founded on trust.

As Americans approach 65-years-young, an inundation of calls, emails, and mailers about Medicare and retirement healthcare options begin. The information is not only confusing, contradictory, and often designed to sell plans that make the insurance companies the most money, it targets the masses and fails to listen to, and accommodate, the needs of individuals. 

To eliminate overwhelm and simplify the healthcare planning process, we take the time to educate on the entire spectrum of Medicare, and explain all the options available, so that each client can make the best decision for their needs. 

We value long-term relationships with our clients, we believe in 100% integrity and transparency, and our business is built completely on referrals. We never offer advice that is not the right fit for a client’s needs, we never solicit, we never hard-sell, and we never disclose any information to third parties. 

Dedicated Medicare Concierge service, every step of the way.

Wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that every client receives the hands-on support necessary during the Medicare selection and enrollment process, as well as for the lifetime duration of their plan, we provide dedicated concierge services to eliminate all hassle and confusion.

  • Custom-tailored Medicare advice to accommodate each client's unique needs
  • Assistance with finding the optimal Medicare, Prescription, and Supplement Plan(s)
  • Facilitation of all legal, financial, and paperwork requirements for Medicare coverage
  • Step-by-step guidance through the entire Medicare enrollment process
  • Call, text, and email support from a dedicated Medicare Advisor
  • Annual Coverage and Prescription Drug Plan reviews
  • Expert guidance whenever needed

We are here to listen, to answer any questions, and to present unbiased Medicare options that meet the unique needs of each client.

For complimentary, personalized assistance, please contact us.