Healthcare Industry Partnerships

Healthcare Partnerships

Complimentary Medicare Consultancy and Enrollment services.

Working in partnership with leading Healthcare organizations across America, we offer full-service, custom-tailored Medicare consultancy and enrollment services to clientele in, or approaching, retirement. 

Since we are neither tied to, nor incentivized by, any particular insurance company, we are able to operate as fiduciaries and prioritize each client’s best interests above all else. This enables us to provide customized Medicare support, dedicated Medicare Concierge service, and unbiased Medicare guidance at zero cost to each client, or to our Healthcare referral partners. 

Prior to compiling Personalized Coverage Proposals, we first take the time to understand each client’s budget, health, and prescription needs, as well as their preferred doctors and hospitals, to better assist each individual with selecting the optimal plan(s) for their needs, and enabling them to remain in-network, with access to the best healthcare available without interruption.

Independent Medicare Advice

Independent Medicare Advice

Unaffiliated with any specific insurance company, we assist each client in determining the best-suited Medicare plan(s) that guarantee uninterrupted, in-network coverage.

White-glove Medicare Planning

Prioritizing the individual needs of each particular client, we provide relationship-based service, personalized Coverage Proposals, and detailed Annual Plan Reviews.

Full-service Medicare Concierge

Full-service Medicare Concierge

Available at every step of the Medicare planning and enrollment process, we offer email, call, and text support with a dedicated Medicare Advisor, for the lifetime duration of the plan.

After being covered by a company sponsored health care package for 45 years I was worried about making the right decisions for my Medicare coverage. I was fortunate to connect with MyMedicarePro who walked me through the process and supplied all relevant information that helped me make the right decisions.
– James Thomas, Retired President ASTM International

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A hands-on, unbiased approach to Medicare.

As your clientele approach retirement, or need to transition to Medicare coverage, the inundation of automated marketing campaigns and wide variety of insurance options typically leads to confusion, and anxiety. Moreover, these plans often leave your clientele out of network, without access to their preferred doctors and hospitals. 

By offering unbiased Medicare advice and hands-on assistance with the entire Medicare planning and enrollment process, we provide complete peace of mind during life’s golden years.

Offer your patients a helping hand with Medicare planning.

It is an honor to support our Healthcare Partner clientele across the nation. By simplifying the Medicare planning process, assisting with a selection of plans that enable uninterrupted, in-network coverage, and easing the anxiety related to healthcare, we offer your patients a trusted resource when they need it most. 

To discuss the complimentary Medicare services we can offer your clientele, please contact us.